Is Wild harvested really sustainable?! Decolonizing herbalism.

Something that has been on my mind for a while is colonialism in herbalism.  How do we as a purveyor of herbs do this in the most sustainable way that we can feel truly good about?! Selling wildcrafted herbs in such large quantities just doesn't feel right anymore. Herbalism has grown exponentially and I don't believe many of our beloved plants can handle the mass harvesting. We have always trusted in our bulk herb sources when buying ethically wild harvested bulk herbs, but when one of the barks that I often used to replace another of a similar action also became endangered, I thought, wow, are these plants truly being sustainably harvested?!  We have decided to discontinue the majority of all wild-harvested herbs, resins and barks. Unfortunately, that means we will no longer carry resins like Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal in bulk. We will look into some collectives that cultivate and care for these trees but as soon as we run out of what we have in stock, we will no longer offer them. I hope you are understanding to these changes. We still can carry a heck of a lot, and our staff would be happy to help you find you alternatives. 

Be well, live thoughtfully, walk softly and always give gratitude.


Laurie Books 

CSH owner

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