Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil 5ml

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Product Overview

Eucalyptus globulus

Origin: Portugal

Size: 5ml


Synonyms: Blue Gum, Tasmanian Blue Gum


Cultivation: USDA and EcoCert organic cultivation in Portugal


Composition: 100% Eucalyptus globulus leaf essential oil, certified organic by USDA and EcoCert


Extraction: Water-steam distillation of the Eucalyptus globulus leaves


Active Constituents: Oxides, monoterpenes; 1,8-cineole, α-pinene, limonene


Viscosity: Thin


Color: Clear to pale yellow 


About: Eucalyptus Globulus has a refreshing minty and earthy aroma that supports the immune system and the respiratory system. The oil is known globally as an effective home remedy to help ease discomfort in joints and muscles. Check out our blog for more Eucalyptus Globulus uses!


Blending Recommendations: Anise, Basil, Bay Laurel, Clove, Cypress, Eucalyptus citriodora, Eucalyptus radiata, Balsam Fir, Douglas Fir, Silver Fir, Frankincense, Ginger, Helichrysum, Hyssop Decumberns, Inula, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, May Chang, Niaouli/MQV, Peppermint, Ravintsara, Rosemary cineole, Rosemary verbenone, Sage, Sandalwood, Spearmint, St. John’s Wort, Tea Tree, Tulsi, Thyme, Wintergreen.


Safety Information: Do not apply near the face of children under 10 years old. Keep out of the reach of children.


Maximum Adult Dilution: 20%; 120 drops per ounce




1,8-Cineole                          62.70%


α-Pinene                        14.32%


Limonene                            5.09%


Tepenyle acetate + α-Terpineol        3.55%


Aromadendrene                       3.09%


This Eucalyptus globulus contains 116 compounds in total.


Shelf Life: 3-5 years, minty top notes fade with age.


Storage: Store upright, cap closed, out of direct heat and sunlight.


Notes: Non-GMO, No pesticides, No insecticides, No additives, Gluten free, Vegan, Cruelty free, No carrier oil added.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review