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Krampus Holiday Incense

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Krampus Incense featuring frankincense, fir, peppermint, and deep spices. 


Adrift between the lines of good and evil, an ancient spirit awaits its night to emerge. Once a year, Krampus comes in chains to punish the wicked & drag them to unspeakable realms. This incense channels a prayer to Krampus, spewing forth ribbons of indulgent aromatics and whispering secrets known only to forgotten creatures from the Woods of Winter. 


Burn this incense to pay homage to Krampus, but never leave unattended. 


25 sticks in a pack for this premium seasonal incense.


If you love the design, don't miss your chance to download and color your own Krampus!


Are you intrigued by the scent profile, but adverse to incense? Try our Krampus solid perfume. 



essential oil blend (cinnamon, clove, fir needle, frankincense, orange, patchouli, peppermint), charcoal, tree resin, bamboo




The paint we use for the sticks is clay-based and 100% plant-derived. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review