Many Queens Tarot Deck


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Lettie Jane Rennekamp is an Artist, Illustrator and Mother in Portland, OR


Many Queens Tarot is a tarot deck with a more inclusive definition of femininity, beauty, and body image.


The characters in this deck blend the boundaries between gender, sex, family, friendship, shape and size. They celebrate the beauty in our differences and the love we can find in ourselves.


The cards are larger than a typical tarot card at 3.5" x 5." This size will better show off the details of the illustrations.


The cardstock is heavy and high quality at 330 gsm (grams per square meter), black core premium plus. The finish on the cards is varnish to protects the ink and prevents scratches.

The cards come in a two-piece box covered in the eye pattern on the back of the deck. A 16-page booklet with some divination information is included in the box.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review