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Rosemary Extract

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Product Overview

Rosemary, herbal Ally of the Sun


Do Your Spirit a Solid


Zestfully invites universal vitality. Rejuvenates, invigorates, revitalizes and restores. Increases circulation. Warms the body and spirit, awakens the mind, and shines on general feelings of lifelessness. Encourages the spirit to thrive fully in this incarnation. Give your spirit a snack.


Includes fresh organic rosmarinus leaf and flower, organic cane alcohol, personal ceremony and celestial intention. Suggested: 1-3 drops to 1-3 dropperfuls when needed. Try in sparkling water, cocktails or baked goods!


About Astro-Herbalism Tinctures:


A tincture is an extraction of active plant constituents preserved in alcohol. All tinctures are handcrafted under certain astrological timing and cosmic intention to boost the vibrational energy of the medicine. All herbal tinctures are made with fresh, organic or ethically wildcrafted local plants and with organic cane alcohol (gluten free). Astro-Herbal tinctures can be used medicinally, magically or astrologically.


Product Details: 1oz sealed liquid tincture. All statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be consumed if pregnant. Please tell your primary care physician when you are on a herbal supplement.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review