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Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Incense

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Product Overview

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Dust comes from the Big Island of Hawaii, straight off Haloa Aina farm where our goal is to reforest the mountain with Hawaiian Sandalwood, Acacia Koa and many other native species in hopes to restore unique ecosystems for birds and all species endemic to the island. By supporting us and selling our product, we are able to put more native species in the ground and support other organizations that benefit the land all over.


27 grams in a glass jar

Raw form incense straight from our forest farm project



Directions: To burn, take three pinches of dust and place it in a strong shell or cast iron bowl. Light the top with a lighter or match until the top of the dust catches a flame. Once it does, allow it to go out on itself and fan the smoke lightly to get it going. Enjoy!


Fully Sustainable, Organic, Family owned business


5% of each jar goes towards an organization benefiting Hawaii


(No reviews yet) Write a Review