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The Seasonal Soul: A Mystic's Guide to Inner Transformation (Guide to Self-Discovery and Personal Growth, Crystal and Chakra Book)


by Lauren Aletta (Author), Teagan Swyny (Illustrator)


Spiritual teacher Lauren Aletta takes readers through metaphorical "seasons" of personal growth and illuminates the ways your springs, summers, autumns, and winters provide opportunities for insight, healing, transformation, and rejuvenation. Brimming with mystical practices and hundreds of evocative illustrations, The Seasonal Soul is an enchanting guide to self-discovery.


• Enriching practices and advice, including self-care rituals, crystal and chakra guides, and journaling exercises

• Eye-catching, shimmery package with black dyed edges


Fans of Everyday MagicCrystals, and The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook will love this book.


This book is ideal for:

• Modern mystics

• Spiritually curious

• Anyone on a path of self-discovery



(No reviews yet) Write a Review