St. Johns Wort Plant Oil 2oz

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nfusion of Saint John’s Wort flowers (Hypericum perforatum L.) in Olea europaea L.


About: Used since the Middle Ages, St. John’s Wort infused oil is a true organic herbal oil bandage! St. John’s Wort supports cutaneous and cellular regeneration, and is suitable for sensitive skin. It nourishes and calms occasional red, irritated skin, leaving it soft and smooth.


Color and texture: Brownish or reddish oil. Medium absorption.


Smell:Rather strong, acre or acidic.


Note: Although ideal for minor injuries, St. John’s Wort oil is photosensitizing. It is advised to apply it in the evening, before going to bed, and not to expose treated skin to the sun for 24 hours after use.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review