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Product Overview

Some people just want to delete their odor without adding a scent—for you we have made our unscented version :) Just pure freedom from stinkiness.

  • Totally deletes odor, doesn’t just mask it.

  • We use only pure essential oils, nothing artificial.

  • Handmade with love (and with natural ingredients—no aluminum, no propylene glycol, no parabens or phthalates... natural is best!)

  • Creamy, smooth feel. We didn’t like how some natural deodorants feel gummy, so we worked hard to develop our recipe.

  • Little scoop included to help use the product.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed. If it’s not what you’re looking for, we offer easy returns and exchanges.


Natural Deodorant? Does that even work?

YES! As a matter of fact our deodorant works far, far better than any non-natural deodorant we have tried. Most deodorants try to mask body odor using cheap synthetic fragrances suspended in propylene glycol. They are very inexpensive to manufacture and provide huge margins for big companies, while providing very little benefit to the consumer.

Our natural deodorants rely on the anti-bacterial powers of carefully selected essential oils & baking soda. They are all-natural, handmade in small batches, and they work GREAT—we guarantee it. They don’t mask odor; they kill the bacteria that create it, so you never even begin to smell. 

What about antiperspirants?

We don’t like antiperspirants because they prevent smell by literally clog your pores, preventing your body from sweating and thereby inhibiting growth conditions for bad-smelling bacteria (the cause of underarm stink). But our bodies sweat for a reason. Our deodorants allow your body to work naturally. We do put corn starch and arrowroot powder in our formula to help absorb some wetness. You may sweat, but you won’t stink!

I’ve tried other natural deodorants and they gave me a rash

You are probably reacting to the baking soda found in most natural deodorants, including ours. Baking soda is slightly alkaline with a pH of around 8, so using too much can cause redness. People with very sensitive skin may feel irritation even when using a small amount. To help combat the irritation, we include skin-friendly cornstarch & arrowroot powder, and a healthy dose of Vitamin E in each jar.

Having said that, we think we’ve struck the perfect balance of odor destruction vs skin comfort in our recipe. We have had many reports of people claiming that they are usually sensitive, but haven’t experienced redness from our natural deodorants. Everyone is unique, of course.

We are also busy working on a formula for sensitive skin.

What’s the consistency like?


We are a big fan of natural deodorants, but we don’t like how many of them feel gummy. We worked for a while to perfect our recipe which relies more on Coconut Oil than heavier butters, providing a very smooth, creamy feel when applying. This is a natural product, and the consistency will change depending on the temperature: when it’s really cold it’ll harden up, it becomes more pliable when it’s warm, and it will begin to melt around 90º. If your deodorant has melted for some reason, never fear—it still works! Just melt it again gently so that you can re-mix the ingredients that may have settled out, then refrigerate it again for a short time. Good as new!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review