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A poultice is basically mashed warm herbs spread over affected area and wrapped in gauze. It's primary function is to pull out poisonous or infected matter from inflammed, wounds, or cysts. The hot poultice increases circulation, while the cold poultice reduces inflammation.

I have been using this product made from the inner membranes of an eggshell for my joint health and have had remarkable results. The price of this product is spendy so I when I saw this recipe I thought, Wow! what a clever idea to use all those egg shells we typically just throw away or hopefully compost.


  • If you are using dried herb you will use a ration of 1:4. That would be one part dried herb to 4 parts menstruum.
  • If you are using fresh herb the ratio often used it 1:2. That would be 1 part fresh herb to 2 parts menstruum.

Menstruums are the solvent used to extract the chemical constituents in the herbs.


Elderberry Syrup

1 cup fresh blue/or black elderberries or 1/2 cup if using dried

3 cups water

1 cup raw local honey

1/4 cup of dried or fresh rosehips and or organic fresh or dried Ginger (optional)

The best remedy we can think of to ward off this nasty stomach flu going around is a 2-3x daily dosing of Sambucus nigra (Black Elder berry) tincture, tea (we are one of the last stores in PDX with dried elder berries, while supplies last) , or try using Mickleberry Garden's delicious Elderberry honey tonic sold here.