About Us



Your local magical apothecary since 2011 

Located in the

Alberta Arts/Red Line/Chinook Indigenous homeland District

Clary Sage Herbarium is owned and operated by a Boricua woman who grew up in PDX.
We have been in business since 2011.
We are a purveyor of the finest quality organic dried herbs, teas, herbal extracts, therapeutic organic & food grade essential oils. We also carry house-made flower essences that we can happily custom order, magical intention candles, herb bundles, cleansing sprays, crystals, natural incense, artisanal natural soaps, books, body care and more.

We think green! We buy only organic herbs that have been sustainably organically grown, companies that use only the cleanest non synthetic ingredients, to using biodegradable cellophane packaging for our bulk herbs & teas.

*Please read our blog about what we have done to decolonize our shop by not selling products from companies who appropriate from other cultures, why we choose to discontinue palo santo and more,..