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Tips on what you need to do to be a wholesale vendor

Jan 11th 2021

Tips on what you need to do to be a wholesale vendor

Want to be a wholesale vendor?

It is so much fun to create and make things. You can make the most delicious quality medicine, or body care products- but if your labels don’t convey the quality of care you put in them, it may be a hard sell. Labels must be straight, full ingredients listed on the label, properly sealed from tampering.
Do you really want to get into a store? Samples! It doesn’t have to be full size, and if it isn’t in the original packaging, please include color photos of the products with the list of ingredients and the whole sale price list. Retail businesses will typically mark up your products using keystone (double). Sounds like a lot but they are providing a service for you; the shelf space, staff to talk to people about it, and they have overhead which includes rent, utilities, insurance, employee wages, and loss. Think of it like having representatives. One staff sample per order is always a nice way to increase revenue for you, too. If you get the staff hooked on your product and they like it, they will sell the heck out of it.
Offer store testers, not all products need a tester but if it is a body care product or an especially yummy tincture, offer testers. Typically, if a customer buys more than 6 of that particular sku (sku means individual product) then offer a tester. If customers get to try it, you increase your chances of selling that product.
Shipping, that is an expensive one to financially eat, but if your customer buys more than $350. It is a nice benefit to eat the shipping for them. If you live in town, hand delivers are a win for everyone!
From my experience, cold calls and emails saying “hey! Check out my products!” Hardly, ever works for me. But if someone comes in or sends me a kit of some of their best products and some information about them (price guides!), I will be able to try them and if I like them, your chances have greatly improved of getting my attention. Make sure your samples are addressed to the buyer so they actually get it. Many times, a sample chocolate bar will never make it to me, unless you say you want it to go to the buyer. Always ask for the buyer’s email and follow up in a week or two, to see if they have had a chance to try it yet.
Here is your check list:
Quality labels. Are they straight, unwrinkled, seals on them?
Make sure to have a pdf/ brochure with wholesale prices/ products & ingredients.
Offer samples addressed to the buyer with price guide.
Get buyers email so you can follow up in a week or two.
Persistence is good to a degree but don’t bother the buyer more than 1x a week after samples sent, That is until they give you a yay or nay.
If the buyer isn’t interested in your products, ask for feedback. Be open to hearing it! Especially if these are new formulas. Ego will get you nowhere if your products are not quality.
Some stores (like New Seasons and some others) will ask for a calendar of sales throughout the year, and also ask that your products are insured. It is typically about $50-60 a month for a million dollar policy.
Good luck! It’s awesome when you can do what you love! Many blessings!

Laure Lava-Books
-Clary Sage Herbarium Owner / Founder