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Clary Sage Herbarium carries a large selection of organic & ethically wild harvested herbs, teas and herbal extracts. We also carry local artisan body care lotions, salves, essential oils& natural perfumes, house made flower essences, candles, sage, western red cedar, sweet grass, palo santo smudging and other ritual supplies& cleansing sprays, crystals, natural incense, bath salts and more.

We think green! We use bio-degradable cellophane for packaging our bulk herbs, our handled bags are made from corn, and our paper bags are from recycled pulp. We do our best to support local businesses for all our purchasing needs.

Clary Sage Herbarium’s mission is to promote local awareness and offer a sacred place of physical & emotional healing that reduces the dependence on conventional medicine. We want herbs and education to inspire motivation and belief in our own inherent healing powers.

Come visit us on Senior & Student discount Tuesdays for 10% off on all 1oz or more bulk single dried herbs. Local herbal students (NCNM, OCOM, Arctos, Traditional School of Western Herbalism, Elderberry, Forest Medicine, etc) get an everyday 10% discount on 1oz plus bulk single dried herbs. Must show I.D. Discounts are only available for instore only. Sorry, online and out of state herb schools are not eligible.

Our apologies but our main entrance is not wheel chair accessible. Although, we can accommodate you through the side gate, you will just need to call us so we can open it for you.

Our website does not offer a shopping cart. However, we would love to ship to you!  Please email or call  us with your lists of herbal goods with a $10. minimum, we will then gladly set up a payment arrangement over the phone. We look forward to doing business with you! 


Laurie Lava-Books

Store Owner

Up coming classes:


Part One:
'Intro to Working in Depth with Flower Essences'
Date:Sept. 10, 2014
Time: 7-9 pm
Cost: $20, Space is limited. Please pre-pay via PayPal (jen@engagedheart.com) to reserve your spot.
Flower Essences are liquid vibrational remedies that are that are similar to acupuncture, reiki, qi-gong and homeopathy. Flower Essences are an excellent complementary modality and can be used alongside counseling and other kinds of somatic bodywork. These natural preparations are designed to help transform emotional attitudes and patterns of behavior that hinder your full potential.
In this introductory class you will learn how to use flower essences to facilitate emotional and spiritual transformation. The principles of vibrational medicine, the history of flower essences, how to make flower essences, and the field of flower essence therapy will be discussed. Students will also learn to understand the properties of the flowers and how to choose flower essences for specific healing themes. Local Flowers from Oregon/Washington as well as a depth model for working with essences will be described.

Part Two:
'Intro to Working with Flower Essences of the Pacific Northwest from a 5 Element Chinese Medicine Perspective'
Date:Sept. 17
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: $20
Space is limited. Please pre-pay via PayPal (jen@engagedheart.com) to reserve your spot.
In this introductory class you will learn how to use flower essences to facilitate emotional and spiritual transformation. Flower essences of the Pacific Northwest will be discussed. Students will learn how to choose flower essences according to the five elements and the elegant system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The curriculum for this lecture was designed by Dr. Sabina Pettitt, LAC, a pioneer and early founder in the field of Flower EssenceTherapy. Sabina has spent the last 30 years developing a model of Flower Essence Therapy that correlates to the language of Chinese Medicine. This class is excellent for practitioners of Chinese Medicine as well as for those who are beginners and want to learn about how local flower essences correlate to the five elements: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.

Jen Gouvea, MSW is fascinated by plants, planets & people. Since 2004 she's been researching how people transform through the combination of depth-counseling, astrology and flower essences. She is a certified Flower Essence practitioner through The Flower Essence Society. Her educational background includes a master's of social work where she has experience working with women's issues, children and teens, relationships, diversity, trauma, and grief. She also has experience using mind-body techniques to work with clients in substance abuse recovery as well as with veterans coping with post-traumatic stress disorder. Jen spent seven years as the program director of a nonprofit in Baltimore city where she participated in community arts projects and the production of videos about social justice and education issues for youth empowerment.


'Connecting with Spirit of Land' with Camilla Blossom

Oct. 14, 2014


$15. prepay to reserve seat. $15. off kit if you attend.

Connecting and caring for land, trees, plants, and water awakens beautiful and magical co-creative and empowering relationships with the spirit of Nature. Camilla will share tools, techniques, flower essences, and ways to inspire a greater sense of belonging to the land and relationship to the nature spirits and elementals.

Camilla Sun Blossom loves to dance with the nature spirits and elementals and create Nature Spirit Medicine for Mother Earth including her new Earthwalker: Spirit of Land Kit. camillablossom.com



2827 NE Alberta St.

Portland, OR 97220

Please make sure you are coming to the right place! There is a herbal school that also has an apothecary on 27th. We are set back from the street on the North side between 28th-29th. Look for our signage on the beautiful wood& bamboo archway, then follow the garden gravel path and your here!

Store hours:

Open 7 days a week (with the exception of major Holidays)

10:am-6:pm (503) 236-6737

Clary Sage Herbarium

"Nature knows ahead what sickness there will be. What is abnormally abundant is what is coming" -Cascade Anderson Geller (1954-2013)

"Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence."- Mourning Dove [Christine Quintasket] (1888-1936) Salish