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Chime Candles

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$0.75 - $2.00

Product Overview

These adorable chime candles are perfect for spells or parties! Their small 4 inch size and short burn time of 1-2 hours makes them quick and easy to use. They come in many colors, so you can choose the color appropriate to the spell or event. Exact dimensions of each candle is 4 inches tall and half an inch wide. 

Color Chart

White: Purity, Spirituality, Universal, Truth, Healing, Health

Black: Uncrossing, Absolves negative energy, Jinx Breaking

Purple: Spirituality, Intuition

Blue: Peace, Calming, Soothing, Healing, Health, Cooperation

Green: Money, Finances, Business, Wealth, Growth

Yellow: Attraction, Success, Business, Drawing

Orange: Attract, Strength, Success, Encouragement, Blockage Removal

Pink: Love, Harmony, Sweetness, Reconciling, Romance

Red: Passion, Sexual, Courage, Love


*We can dress your candle with herbs and essential oils for $2.00


(No reviews yet) Write a Review