Cycles Journal 2024

Cycles Journal

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Product Overview

A Safe Space to Get Out of Your Head, & Into Your Body
We all need reminders & tools to remain rooted in our busy, screen-filled world. This journal is a space for reconnecting you to what's really important – the wellbeing of your sacred vessel & inner nature.

This is a tool for those seeking to prioritize self-care, slow down and deeply listen to their own body’s wisdom.

Create a Ritual of Self-Devotion

You’ll be guided on a journey to uncover patterns within & reconnect to your natural flows through journaling, lunar insight, sacred tips, and more. Reclaiming the power of your cycle helps you regain control within your life — so that you can rest, heal + transform your relationship with yourself, others & the world.

Map Out Your Inner Wisdom

This is a space for tracking physical, mental, emotional & energetic symptoms, experiences, & feelings. Here we can track our hormonal shifts and states of flow. Get to know the patterns of your inner & outer seasons (hormonal phases) & weather (moods). Whether you hold a womb space or not, this journal is for anyone who feels called to deeper connect to their energetic womb space & whole being.

We all came from a womb. We all carry lifeblood – whether you release it monthly or not, this is an invaluable healing tool for you to track & uncover your inner wisdom.

What's Inside,
Ready to Support You:

  • Mo(o)nthly tracking overview
  • daily journaling, habit building
  • weekly intention prompts
  • community wisdom + rituals
  • lunar cycle check-ins
  • informational pages
  • healing resources

Made with intention, quality & care

• 6"x9” Hardcover Journal with Lay-Flat Binding
• 336 pages: Full color press printing — Aprox 1.8 lbs
• Dated for 2024+ (from 12/25/23 – 1/5/25)
• FSC Certified Mix Recycled Paper: Uncoated & easy to write on without any bleed or resistance
• High-quality features: Rounded corners — Scratch-resistant cover — Illustrated end-leaves
• Extra Included Features: 3 Ribbon Bookmarks — Elastic band enclosure
• Printed in limited quantity & ethical quality: Ethical small batch printer — Eco-friendly packaging — Non-toxic inks — Recyclable


(No reviews yet) Write a Review