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Product Overview

What is an herbal apothecary and what services do we provide?

·       Offer herbal medicine for all people.

·       Community oriented shop space.

·       Provide spiritual, mental, and physical counsel.

·       Hold space for healing.

·       Educate our community about how to achieve greater wellness with self-care reducing our dependence on allopathic medicine.

·       We encourage body literacy, support for autonomous wellbeing.

·       Ongoing free immersion community internship programs.

What is this crowdfunding for?

Clary Sage Herbarium is at risk of closing our retail store. Our store has decreased revenue by near 65% within one month of this new climate and we are working extra hard to switch gears and offer more services on a deficit budget.

We love you and feel our service is invaluable to our community, especially during this crisis. We want to be here for you. Please donate.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review