Floral Water Spray- Neroli Sandalwood Hydrosol

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In addition to providing hydration, this botanical floral water may also be used for toning due to its mildly antiseptic and soothing properties. Very light, refreshing and healing, it brings a dewy, healthy and hydrated look to skin and hair. Wonderful refrigerated in warm weather or dry climates. Great as part of your skin care regimen and used throughout the day to hydrate and rejuvenate mind and skin!

For all skin types, this anti-bacterial blend of distillation of roses and healing lavender leaves skin toned, soothed and hydrated. Especially effective for sensitive, dry, troubled, chapped or sunburned skin.


Ingredients: pure imported rosewater and organic Bulgarian lavender essential oil.


4 fl. oz.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review