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Blooming Heart

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Choose from 12 images. Make your own prayer flags, use as altar cloths or magical bundle wraps, or give as gifts.


St john's wort: Let the light in

Hawthorn: Your Heart is a Gate where all Realms meet

Oak: We are laden with abundance, let the harvest be shared by all

Yarrow: Protection is your birthright

Poplar: All is well, there is enough

Self heal: Healer, heal thy self

Juniper: Oh my blessed child! I am holding you

Mugwort: We are between the worlds

Redcedar: You have a place, you are home

Usnea: Strength draws from tenderness

Willow: Adaptation is the secret to thriving

Lungwort: All wounds do heal, breathe


All original artwork by Dio Dmitri Bloomingheart.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review