Hermitage Natural Perfume Spray

Sea Witch Botanicals

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Product Overview

  • Earth Element Aligned
  • Made with Essential Oils 
  • Certified Vegan


"The fox surveys its domain. Keeper of the Wild, it knows where to call its home."


A Hermitage is a place of spiritual alignment with the wilderness. It is the spirit of the fox which inspired me to make this deep and mysterious scent.


This Sea Witch Botanicals Signature Scented Veil envelops the user in a complex, rapturous scent profile. The citrus top notes instantly invigorate, while the base note of patchouli wraps you up and warms you through those cool fall days. To smell this delectable all of the time, shake bottle and spray skin generously. This complements our handmade artisan soap, Hermitage.

Use this spray for personal scent and in your home as an all-natural air, linen, garment, and dryer spray.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review