Lightness of Being Tincture

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Promotes self-love & acceptance.

‘I am illuminated by the sun’s golden light that cast away all doubt and fear’


So many of us suffer from depression. The spirit of these herbs & crystal want to help us navigate this often challenging terrain in the most optimistic way. They want to help restore light to the peripheral and what is in front of us.


*I would like to note that if you make a daily practice of giving gratitude- it works wonders in shifting consciousness to a more positive vibration.


Organic & Wildcrafted Herbal Ingredients:

Holy Basil- Rama, Krishna, Vana (Ocimum spp.) Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) ,Calendula (Calendula off.)


Wildcrafted Flower & Gem Essence:

Sunflower, Clary Sage, Yarrow, Pink Peony, Inside out Flower, and Citrine


Also made with:

Organic Sugar Cane alcohol, brandy, filtered water and ethically harvested honey


(No reviews yet) Write a Review