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Maaso Medicina Agua Florida is a traditional and synthetic-free flower water or Florida Water.

It has a refreshing and grounding cinnamon-clove-citrus scent and contains powerful cleansing energies that come directly from the plants.

It includes the healing essence of flowers such as marigold for rekindling your light, linden for uplifting your heart, lavender for calming, yarrow for protection, and pericón (the grandmother plant) for invoking the love of your ancestors.

It’s infused with the uplifting energies of fresh citrus peels as well as the grounding and comforting feeling from cinnamon sticks and clove.

A small amount of therapeutic grade essential oils of cinnamon, wild orange, and lavender have been added in the end for an extra burst of potent plant medicine.

This flower water is to be utilized throughout your day for moving stuck energies and emotions and for all-purpose cleansing, grounding, and protecting.

Agua Florida can be worked with in a multitude of rejuvenate and ground yourself, as a rub down to calm someone in distress, in healing baths, to cleanse gem stones and other altar items, to physically and energetically clean floors and surfaces, in water blessings, as an after- shower rub down and toner and more.

How to Use: Spray in hand, clap 3x's to activate the medicine, and rub yourself or another person down starting from the top of the head and down the limbs. Or spray Agua Florida on the back of your neck or on any of your joints for added energetic protection. Put your attention on clearing unwanted energies, and be willing to let them go. You can also spray Agua Florida in your home, workplace, hotel, or car to clear stuck and stagnant energies.

Ingredients: *Orange peel, *lemon peel, *lime peel, *Mexican marigold flowers, *pericón flowers (the grandmother plant), *white yarrow, *linden flowers, *lavender flowers, *cinnamon sticks, *cloves, therapeutic grade essential oils of cinnamon, wild orange, and lavender, vodka.


Handmade in ceremonia with prayer and respect by Batul True Heart.

Infused for one moon cycle.

Oakland, California


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review