Winter Workshop Integration Bundle

Sacred Seasons (Groundwater Healing)

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Winter Workshop Integration Bundle

This kit is for preparation and integration on our upcoming in-person workshop! Get more information and register by clicking here.

*Winter Workbook * 1oz Red Cedar *Smoky Quartz * Organza bag*

Do you long for more meaning day-to-day?

​A deeper relationship with the earth? 
​A greater sense of belonging?
Sacred Seasons guidebooks are a tool for anchoring in the present moment, and sowing the seeds for a ripe sense of belonging and profound relationship.
I invite you on a journey to rekindle your connection with the cycles of the earth and yourself.

A 45-page guide book to the season of Winter to help you move towards connection, profound relationship, and belonging. You will learn tools and techniques to staying connected with yourself and the magic around you throughout this transitionary, nostalgic time.

Inside you will find:

  • Information and inspiration about the gifts of the Winter season
    Information and inspiration about the power and tools of the element of Earth
  • How to create a sacred altar space
  • Information on three plant medicines that help us align with Winter and Earth
  • Information on an included gemstone with properties to help us open to the gifts of Winter and Earth
  • A detailed personal Winter Ceremony outline
  • Weekly contemplation questions for the entire season
  • Weekly "Actions" for the entire season


(No reviews yet) Write a Review