Yes Liberation Elixir

Dori Midnight

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An elixir for healing, strength, protection and support in the face of racism, neocolonialism and oppression. Heals our broken hearts and helps us recover from trauma. Full of deep medicine for connecting us to earth, invisible allies, ancestors and each other, it allows our anger to ignite, flow free, and move us to be courageous to break the chains of imperialism/capitalism/racism. Creates fierce protection, grounding and healing for journey ahead.

Made with spring water, maple brandy, essences of protest under the new moon, black tourmaline, petrified wood, bloodstone, tiger iron, selenite, black birch, yarrow, ocotillo, red root, bleeding heart, post trauma stabilizer, fierce love and a spell for collective liberation. Dosage: 3-13 drops in water or under tongue as needed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review