Eternal Flame Herbal Pre-rolls

Wild Grace

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A pack of 12 Herbal Smokes to be used for medicinal, ritual, or recreational purposes. 

Smooth and aromatic, our Eternal Flame blend moves stuck dampness that’s lingering about in your lungs or respiratory system. The addition of Yarrow is for your divinatory and visionary practices. Skullcap is a long-revered nervine herb that is often used for relieving headaches and tension, soothing emotional irritation, and promoting calm. Lavender's lovely aromatics invite you to ease back into your body, a gentle reminder to listen to those embodied messages that come from within.

Our smoking blends are rolled in hemp paper rolling tubes and packaged in beautiful and sustainable tree-free boxes made of hemp fiber.

Ingredients: *Raspberry leaf, *Mullein, *Skullcap, *Yarrow, *Lavender.

*Certified Organic


(No reviews yet) Write a Review