Other World Herbal Pre-rolls

Wild Grace

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A pack of 12 Herbal Smokes to be used for medicinal, ritual, or recreational purposes.

A blend of organic Mugwort, Yarrow, Mullein, Lavender, and Linden to access the spirit realm. Yarrow here acts as a protector plant spirit when opening the channel to speak with spirits of the Otherworld. Used for centuries to protect against evil spirits that cause all manner of mischief and harm, Yarrow complements Mugwort by enhancing its magic as well as fortifying necessary boundaries.

Our smoking blends are rolled in hemp paper rolling tubes and packaged in beautiful and sustainable tree-free boxes made of hemp fiber.

Ingredients: *Mugwort, *Mullein, *Yarrow, *Linden, and *Lavender.

*Certified Organic


(No reviews yet) Write a Review