Frankincense Amber Sacred Geometry Incense Cones

Sagrada Madre

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Sacred Geometry Frankincense and Amber

◦ Made with, plant-based binder

◦ Handmade

◦ Each triangle burns for about 30 minutes

◦ Used as an incense and for smudging

◦ Each box contains 4 triangles

Energetic pyramid for clearing space: Symbol of fire, ancient divine geometry of the human race. Connector between the celestial and earthly worlds, power from the sun, energy of life, transformation and conductor of cosmic energies. This pyramid also contains pure olibanum pearls, providing its' great transmutation power. The pyramidal shape carries our energy or request to the four cardinal points of universal space, transforming and materializing divine love on earth, home and in life.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review