Kin Nik Nik Rolliez

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Pre-rolled herbal cigarettes with our KinNikNik blend. The KinNikNik is an uplifting blend with herbal undertones and a hint of lavender. It is peaceful and cerebral with a medium effect.


Smoking herbs is an ancient tradition and a ceremonial sacrament. Rolliez burn best if you sip them gently. The smoke will get more full and satisfying the lower they burn and they do not usually require relighting. We recommend you take the time to let them burn at their own pace.


Each tin comes with a pack of 10 Kin Nik Nik Rolliez sealed for freshness. Go Herbal. Get Blended™. Celebrate Wisely.


Bear Blend is made from the finest herbs, and are hand-crafted in a certified organic facility in Southern California.


Ingredients: Red Raspberry Leaf, Mugwort, Damiana, Mullein, Lobelia, Uva Ursi, Passion Flower, Motherwort and Raw Papers


Bear Blend Rolliez tins are 100% recyclable.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review