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What is Nirdosh Cigarettes?

Nirdosh cigarette is alternative of tobacco cigarettes. Nirdosh is nicotine free and does not cause any kind of addiction.


Nicotine free Cigarettes


Those who are willing to quit smoking, Nirdosh cigarettes are a best alternative of cigarettes that contain nicotine. It does not contain tobacco hence it is nicotine free.


Nirdosh cigarettes contain herbs that are known to relieve mind and suppress carving feeling of smoking. Using Nirdosh cigarettes, one can quits smoking naturally. One does not need to chew nicotine gum or nicotine inhaler. One needs not to worry about smoking withdrawal symptoms as herbs in the Nirdosh cigarettes helps your mind remain calm.


Nirdosh is actually a herbal cigar which means you are smoking without nicotine. It is a cheap alternative of quit smoking methods like laser treatment or other programs.

People are aware of huge benefits of quitting smoking but fail to actually quit as traditional cigarettes are highly addictive in nature.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review