Owl Feather Essence

Two Spirit Medicinals

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Owls represent wisdom. Owl has the ability to illuminate darkness, all that is hidden, truth bearer. Owl forces self-transformation and realization by bringing a kind of death to the old self. Owl challenges you to understand who you are and to achieve your full potential by assisting you to see clearly through chaotic darkness, confusion and deception through self-examination.

Contains: Brandy, Spring Water, Feather Essence.

Warning: Please do not be concerned if you find yourself prone to seeing all the dust bunnies under couches and the cobwebs hanging in the corners of yours and everyone else’s ceilings. It only means Owl’s shadow light medicine is working.

All essences can be made alcohol free! with organic palm-free glycerin at no charge.

Dosage: 2-3 drop dosage

*Our Feather essences only contain the energetics of birds. No birds were harmed in any way to make these essences.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review