Raven Feather Essence

Two Spirit Medicinals

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Product Overview

Raven is the gateway to the supernatural. Keeper of the mysteries of the sacred law. Ravens bridge the realm between physical and spiritual. Raven medicine is for people who have trouble speaking their truth and or realizing their life’s mission. Ravens can help facilitate needed change to create harmony & divine law and order to one’s spiritual self, family, home, or work-space.

Warning: Please do not be concerned if you find yourself speaking your mind to your boss or quit your soul-sucking six-figure digit job to start a dog walking business— that turns out to be way more rewarding and becomes a super successful business. Raven’s are brilliant and can manifest anything they put their wits into.

Contains: Brandy, Spring Water, Feather Essence.

All essences can be made alcohol free! with organic palm-free glycerin at no charge.

Dosage: 2-3 drop dosage

*Our Feather essences only contain the energetics of birds. No birds were harmed in any way to make these essences.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review