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BIRD KIN MESSAGES is a 32-card deck collaboration between Sumer, the writer and Karma Leigh, the illustrator. This is a spirit-led project which is a journey of healing and education.⠀

The deck has thirty personally photographed feathers, one unique representation in each card. The messages correlating to each card focuses on the intuitive and spiritual realm by looking at our unconscious behaviors and intentions. The deck comes with a companion booklet, providing guidance for each card and an illustration of the related bird in its natural pose. ⠀




Sumer is your local around the way girl who is always willing to share, learn, and heal. She recognized her ability to read peoples’ unconscious conditioned behaviors since childhood. Never having someone to help steward these gifts it was through trial and error that she has established a way to navigate the world with a requirement of authentic truth through joy and compassion. Truth and beauty are her purposes. Sumer is of Indigenous/Middle Eastern heritage.




Karma Leigh is an artist based out of Denver, Colorado. With a graffiti background, she is a muralist and exhibits her work locally and nationally. This deck chose the artist, not only because of her talent, but because of her established relationship with our bird family. She is an avid bird watcher, and they have shown their approval for her as well. She illustrated the birds for the description booklet and hand painted the art used for the cover and cards of this deck.

Karma is Xicana


(No reviews yet) Write a Review