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What are flower essences? They are the energetic imprint of the flower's essence through a solar infusion in spring or filtered water. They are then added to a brandy/ water medium to preserve. It is drop dosage medicine that works on the spiritual body than can have a direct effect on the physical.


This is a list of all of our essences. You can blend up to 5 singles in a compound. Anymore than that then your medicine can get convoluted and not as effective.


How this list works: please choose 2-5 essences and put in the comments at check-out what you would like in it. Also, a short 1-4 word name for your essence's name. Tip: I like to call mine by the name of what I want to feel and be when in balanced which is your intention.


Please note that with your essence list in the comments.





This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, pr


(No reviews yet) Write a Review