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*House made essences come in a dark glass bottle with dropper top.


What are flower essences? They are the energetic imprint of the flower's essence through a solar infusion in spring or filtered water. They are then added to a brandy/ water medium to preserve. It is drop dosage medicine that works on the spiritual body than can have a direct effect on the physical.


This is a list of all of our essences. You can blend up to 5 singles in a compound. Anymore than that then your medicine can get convoluted and not as effective.


How this list works: please choose 2-5 essences and put in the comments at check-out what you would like in it. Also, a short 1-4 word name for your essence's name. Tip: I like to call mine by the name of what I want to feel and be when in balanced which is your intention.


Please note that with your essence list in the comments.


Flower Essence Chart


Arnica is used to restore a break in the life force after an accident, injury or shock, and to re-establish the connection to the self after trauma. It can be taken as a short-term first aid remedy to speed healing after many different kinds of trauma or injury, and also can be put to good effect where previous accident, injury or deep-seated shock become locked into the body, preventing poor recovery. Arnica the flower essence can be particularly useful for people who do not respond to other treatment that appears obvious, as the origin of their symptoms lies in past shock or trauma, either emotional or physical.


Black Cohosh:

For those caught n relationships and life styles that are abusive, addictive, or violent with dark brooding emotions, congested or toxic forces. Gives us the courage to confront rather than shrink from abusive or threatening situations, transforming the negativity, gaining power and balance in destructive circumstances fostering clear and contained psychic forces.


Bleeding Heart:

For those who pour too much of themselves into their relationships with others, who are emotionally over-dependent, causing their partners to back away. For the pain and anguish caused by needing someone too much. It helps to enhance inner peace and strength, and the ability to give rather than need love through greater nourishment of the inner self.



For those with a heavy heart, who feel disheartened, discouraged or disappointed. It helps to lift the spirits, give courage and restore enthusiasm.



For those who undervalue themselves or their career or vocation, who see themselves as small and unremarkable to the outside world. It increases self-worth and the ability to recognize inner value rather than outer achievement.



Represents the cycle of life. The womb of all life. It is particularly good for people who lack warmth and receptivity in their communications with others, who tend to use sharp and cutting words, where the spoken word may lead to argument or misunderstanding. Calendula helps such people to listen compassionately to others, to understand their message clearly, and express warmth and caring in return.


California Poppy:

California Poppy is for those who seek spiritual highs from external sources, who are attracted to the glamour and brightness of psychedelic drugs, charismatic teachers or occult rituals. Their spiritual life lacks discipline and solidity and they may be susceptible to techniques or influences who open the psyche too quickly, causing inner disharmony. California Poppy helps to develop a more solid inner life, awakening the light within and enhancing self-reliance.



This powerful essence will break down the barriers keeping you from your true spiritual self. The tree of life. Ancestral attunement. Roots grounded in the earth, branches reaching for spiritual enlightenment. Courage. Strength. Wisdom. Ability to draw on our deepest inner resources when we need to. Trusting the 'wise one' within. Communing with our ancestors.



As a remedy of the sun, chamomile helps to ease emotional problems and soothe anger and conflict to bring out a sunny disposition. It is best for those who are moody, changeable, easily upset, irritable, impatient and angry. It will soothe tension and anxiety, and stop it from accumulating through the day to cause restlessness, insomnia or nightmares. Inner tension and disharmony may also cause stomach problems in both children, animals, and adults, as well as depression, hyperactivity, poor concentration and learning problems. Chamomile will help one to stand back from the day to day things that irritate and annoy, and upset one’s superficial equilibrium, and to find a place of calm and serenity where light, like the sun behind the clouds, is always shining.


Clary Sage:

Enhances the capacity for drawing wisdom from experience and is particularly recommended for people who find it hard to find purpose and meaning in life. They may feel resentful about events in their lives, seeing them as ill-fated or undeserved. Clary Sage is a remedy especially suitable for our later years, to help accept what life throws up for us in a calm and detached way. It helps enhance the wisdom that comes naturally from years of experience. Such wisdom is natural to that end of life, enabling us to be in touch with our spiritual selves, to perceive a higher purpose in life and to experience inner peace. It is a remedy to use during changes and transitions, as it enhances the sage in all of us.


Clover Blossoms:

Helps clear negative energy picked up by others, and is particularly useful for those who feel susceptible to the problems of others. Useful for any emotionally charged situations. Clover balances, helping one to remain centered within, despite the storms outside. It instills calmness and clarity, and enhances self-awareness.


Comfrey Flowers:

 Comfrey is a plant that heals trauma and binds and strengthens broken tissues. The flower essence can be used similarly for emotional traumas. It can help to strengthen you and unite your physical and spiritual selves. Comfrey beckons us to heal the scars of past generations that continue to affect our relationships today. It supports us by healing our relationship with our own history, with our Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and with the lands of our origins.


Cottonwood (aka Poplar):

For receiving/transform chaotic energy; for the ability to transmit healing energies to improve choice making; attunes to the gentleness of nature. Inspires harmony between species – those under the water and those under the sun.



For those with great enthusiasm for life, but who try to cram too much activity into their lives. They over-structure their time and leave little room for rest and relaxation. As a result they become very tense and stressed. It helps one to relax, release tension and repressed emotions stored in tense muscles.



For emotional trauma stored deep within the body- often springing from physical or sexual abuse or harsh physical living circumstances- which can cause the body to feel awkward and ungainly. Also for those with self-destructive, accident-prone tendencies. Evokes a sense of gentleness, graceful movement, physical and etheric harmony in the body and inner sanctity.


Easter Lily:

For those in conflict about their sexual identity leading to an imbalance toward either prudishness or promiscuity, split psyche. Easter lily aid in easing the conflict, conferring the ability to integrate sexuality; enhancing the inner purity of the soul. Truth purity, integrity. Helps to integrate different aspects of our personalities, allowing open and honest self-expression. Eliminates social masks. Also, effective for premenstrual syndrome and gynecological imbalances. Chakras: heart, third eye, and crown. Meridians: Kidney and bladder.



Echinacea is used specifically for those who feel shattered by severe trauma in their lives. They may feel profoundly alienated, unable to contact that inner place of strength and calm. Echinacea helps to bring about a sense of wholeness, and greater resilience when under enormous stress.



The flower essence is taken for headaches and migraines, particularly those experienced in a cyclical pattern by women, according to their cycle of hormonal changes.



Use Foxglove Flower Essence when you forget that life is for learning and you cut yourself off from Universal Unconditional Love. Foxglove is excellent when you want to expand your Higher Heart chakra (between the heart and throat chakras just below the collar bones).


The Higher Heart chakra also connects us to the knowing that all experiences are for our soul’s learning and engenders forgiveness.


Precaution: Foxglove Flower Essence is one of the more advanced heart essences. If you know that you have physical heart problems, take only one drop (not dropperful) one time per day to test how you respond to the essence.


Ghost Pipe:

 Reconciliation with others and making peace with oneself with reverence for all of life. Allows standing alone in closeness, to be able to be fully in a relationship while maintaining and expressing our own unique qualities of being. Fosters self-respect, banishes negative feelings of self worth, so that we can find and live our life purpose. A constitutional remedy for the metal element, aiding self- expressing in the world, and gives the ability to recognize and claim what is valuable. Chakra: Root. Meridians: Lung, conception vessel.

Heal All:

Heal all (aka Self-Heal), as the name suggests, is used to enhance our own healing powers. The body possesses and inherent healing ability, which enables a cut to heal, inflammation to resolve and infection to subside. We are also able to heal ourselves emotionally and we can be healed spiritually.

Heal All increases confidence in our ability to heal ourselves. It is particularly recommended for those who cannot face the responsibility of looking after themselves and hand over the responsibility of their physical health or emotional, mental or spiritual welfare to healers, counselors and gurus.

It may be needed by those who are unwell or unhappy, who have lost belief in their own capacity for their feeling of wellbeing, and for those facing crises in their lives. Heal All helps to reduce dependence on others, and to inspire motivation and belief in your own inherent healing powers.



Heartsease (Pansy) is used again for healing the heart. It brings comfort to those feeling hurt, rejected, lonely or broken hearted. It is for disappointment in love, in separation, and when broken hearts cause symptoms in those previously happy and healthy.



For those who live in the past and cling to pleasant memories of events gone by, unable to enter fully into the present, only remembering the good things and wish that the good old days could return, or find it hard to get over the loss of a loved one. Honeysuckle people may also get regretful feelings about the past, about missed opportunities or unhappy occurrences. Honeysuckle helps bring such people into the present and help them to let go of the past. Or bring it into perspective so that they can benefit from lessons learned from experience.


Indian Plum:

Insight and integration. Aligns you with the ability to embody your multi-dimensional soul purpose for this lifetime while staying grounded and centered amidst the various activities and responsibilities of your daily life. Encourages self-care to maintain your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing during this process.


Inside Out Flower:

Helpful to those who are a little gruff and lack sensitivity. Promotes compassion, humility and a gentle appreciation for small things that may seem insignificant.



For those in positions of leadership who are distorted by self-aggrandizement and who feel over-burdened by duty or inflated with self-importance, unable to motivate or inspire others. Encourages charismatic leadership qualities, contagious enthusiasm and joy in serving others.



Lavender can be taken to balance the emotions, to relieve anxiety, depression and reduce stress and conflict. It is particularly recommended to those who have used the herb or the oil over a long period and have become used to it. The flower remedy could be added to enhance lavenders effectiveness. It is also valuable for people involved in spiritual practices, for it calms the mind and helps to ease emotional conflicts blocking spiritual growth. Lavender is said to activate the crown chakra; it stimulates awareness and alertness and helps to connect people to their higher self.



For positive neurological connection to memory; for not stamping out all areas of memory; for remembering the positive, nurturing memories from the past.



For spiritual pride- those who regard themselves as spiritually correct and who are out of touch with ordinary personality and humble tasks. An all-purpose remedy for enhancing and harmonizing the higher consciousness. Enables and expansive and inclusive spirituality, with the ability to synthesize diverse life experience in service to the spiritual world.

Love in the Mist:

Clears, purifies distracting energies from the auric field; clarifies etheric and auric boundaries. Useful as ritual ablution or cleansing before prayer or ceremony.



Lupine Flower Essence works in the amygdala, two almond-shaped masses of neurons in the limbic system of


the brain. While some regions of the amygdala store memory of emotional reactions such as fear and danger other regions of the amygdala produce sensations of benign peacefulness. Lupine Flower Essence entrains the energetic pathways that feed fear, anxiety and panic with the energetic pathways that encourage a sense of peacefulness. It also strengthens the energetic pathways between the emotional heart, olfactory system, other parts of the limbic system with the peaceful aspects of the amygdala. Also, develops pineal circuitry to expand intuition to higher guidance.


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